Concert For A Sustainable Planet

A visual that accompanied a choir, singing a piece by Merlijn Twaalfhoven. Performed in Carnegie Hall, New York (2017).

The visuals are generated by custom-made software that reacts to the musical score.
The software reverse-engineers the composition, by translating pitches back to relative temperature data.
This data drives a 3D landscape, which unfolds with time.
Sung notes are visible on the landscape as ‘temperature-data’-nodes. Every voice is distributed on the x-axis.
When higher temperatures (/notes) emerge, the peakyness and movement of the landscape increases, which gives it a more unstable state.
The last 20 temperatures are kept in memory, and the average determines the actual height-, peakyness- and movement-values.
This way the rising pitch of the score gives the visual an uneasy feeling, according to the theme.

Example of geometry